Holistic Healing

Therapy is just one aspect of healing the whole person. I embrace the idea that we are a wildly fabulous combination and collection of energy, nerves, synapses and processes.  At once, a mess of DNA, experiences, memories, habits, nurturing (or less than nurturing) pasts, and personalities that uniquely make up each one of us.  I am in awe of the mystery of the collective unconscious and the beautiful terrible concept that we are all connected, humankind, and we impact and affect each other by a thought or a spoken word.  With this elaborate conglomerate of details making up each one of us, I believe that one step taken toward health and wholeness by an individual can have a dramatic and significant impact on the individual as well as others in this world.  A stone thrown into a pond creates a ripple and then another ripple moving outward making a change. Therapy is one stone and the impact is far reaching when someone decides to become healthier or more responsible for their life.

The miraculous connection of mind, body, spirit, and relationships is illuminated when a client enters into the process of becoming a more wholehearted connected individual.  This shift in consciousness can create a desire to become healthier in the other areas previously mentioned.  A client who has just worked on healing a marriage can decide they need to heal other relationships, set better boundaries at work, create a healthier home environment, work on relationships with their children, become a more conscious eater or consumer or set a new intention spiritually.  This is truly a path of awakening and I find it thrilling to be able to refer to other practitioners to aid in the direction the client is desiring to go; acupuncture, yoga, physical fitness, continuing education, nutrition and physical therapy are ones I commonly see people gravitate toward.  I love to be able to refer and connect people to this step of their journey if they are desiring to go that direction.

I am surrounded by a community of diverse and talented therapists to whom I refer people if I feel they would be better served by another person.  I love the collaborative effort and connections I get to make by having this network available to us. You can access these individuals on my website.


Kellie Ulrich