So much to love

Like a stone thrown into the water, the process of healing and growth creates a ripple effect in our lives that expands us and stretches out to others. In order to deepen this journey, I have included rich resources to meet you wherever you find yourself today.


The Very Worst Missionary

Read. This. Blog. I can't say enough about the raw, real, funny and spot-on way Jamie puts life in the Christian realm,  especially for those of us either deconstructing what we've been taught or navigating through the new. This will give you perspective...and a laugh.


Amy Foreman, True Yoga

"I cannot imagine life without my yoga practice. It is my counselor, spiritual guide, best friend, physical therapist, and chiropractor…all in one!" says Amy.

Do you see why I love her?!? She can be an instrumental piece in your whole health healing. 


Stay Human

Such a good reminder for all of us to stay human.

 All the freaky people make the beauty of the world ~Michale Fronti. 

Love this beat, love this message.