As I journey with others, I often find myself removing my shoes, for without realizing it, I have stumbled onto sacred ground.

I believe beauty and laughter can heal, and integrate both into my work. Drawing on 18 years of counseling experience, I have created a healing space in the beautiful foothills of Evergreen for each individual to be seen and heard. Shoes Removed Counseling is a 15 minute drive from Golden.

 At Shoes Removed, I guide clients in the process of waking up to the ways we have fallen asleep to our truest selves. I am honored to be a “holder of stories”, listening deeply and making connections while helping to identify false stories and narratives that keep people from living out their true purpose.  I am a de-constructor of old patterns that keep us from giving and receiving love.  I partner with my clients to problem solve and face obstacles and I'm honored when I see them become more whole-hearted, connected, compassionate, awake, and responsible humans. I have experience in spiritual direction, women's issues, parenting support , marriage and infidelity therapy, middle of life awakenings,  navigating LGBTQ + issues,  journeying through grief and Holy s*** moments of life.  

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Jayne Spear, MA LPC

Jayne is a divinely gifted guide to healing. She creates space apart from the noise of my every day to hear and draw out the dissonance, fear & brokeness in me so I can see it, name it and begin moving toward healing. She is a vessel of discernment and encouragement. 

~ Client testimonial, BC, age 42

Some of my work: